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Art in the Shadow - an exhibition

Join us in celebrating the spirit of Texas and the vibrancy of the upcoming Total Eclipse in Gatesville through artistic expression.

We are thrilled to invite the entire community, regardless of age, to submit their artwork (up to 5 pieces) for selection by committee in a captivating art exhibition centered around the beautiful state of Texas and the upcoming total solar eclipse. Selected artists will be invited to display their work during the BLOCK (out the sun) PARTY on Saturday, April 6th.

This unique event aims to foster creativity, showcase local talent, and bring people together through various art forms including painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture.

Event Details:
- What: Art Exhibition

- Who: Open to all members of the community, irrespective of age or experience.Must submit artwork and be selected by a committee.

- Theme: Texas, Eclipse, Gatesville or Coryell County

- Art Forms: Painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture

- Submission Deadline: March 1, 2024

- Submission Guidelines:
-Each artist may submit up to 5 pieces
- Artwork must be original
- Entries should be accompanied by a brief description highlighting the inspiration and relevance to the theme.
- Paintings and drawings should be ready for display (framed if necessary).
- Sculptures should be easily transportable and not exceed 30 inches
- Photographs can be submitted either as prints or in digital format, adhering to the specified technical requirements.

Submission Process: email to

- Upload images of your artwork, ensuring they meet the required specifications.
- Provide a brief artist bio and description of each submitted artwork.

Event Highlights:

1. Inclusivity: This exhibition encourages participation from artists of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds. It is a perfect opportunity for both established artists and newcomers to showcase their creativity.
2. Inspiration: Texas, Eclipse, Gatesville or Coryell County
The artworks submitted do not have to be new pieces.
Artists are encouraged to explore various elements, including landscapes, culture, history, landmarks, people, and unique aspects that make this region special.
3. Multiple Art Forms: We are encouraging a wide range of art forms including paintings, drawings, photography, and sculptures. This diversity of mediums will result in a diverse exhibition, allowing for a captivating visual experience.
4. Community Engagement: The art exhibition aims to bring the community together and foster a sense of pride in Texas and Eclipse Gatesville. Visitors will have an opportunity to appreciate the local talent, connect with artists, and may purchase art work during the exhibition.
Exhibition Dates and Venue:
- Location: Leaird's Furniture 108 S. 6th St. Gatesville, Texas
- Exhibition dates: Saturday, April 6th during the BLOCK (out the sun) PARTY/Eclipse Festival


Conclusion : This event serves as a platform for local artists to showcase their talent, engage with the community, and celebrate the remarkable features of this beautiful state, event and our community Participate, submit your artwork, and join us in creating a memorable celebration of Texas and Eclipse Gatesville. 

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