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  • I own a business, what should I do to prepare?
    Key steps as an owner, president, or manager responsible for your place of employment to consider so that your business is prepared for the days’ event and influx of visitors. Food and Hospitality Hospitality providers consider full staffing or additional help. Food/Drink establishments consider an increase of food/drink supplies for that weekend to meet demands. Focus on items that can be stored or frozen to eliminate possibility of spoilage if not needed. If you are a venue or book large events be aware of this weekend to avoid potential supply chain issues such as tents, port-a-potties, entertainment, etc. Plan Ahead for Deliveries and Appointments If you supply gasoline or other flammable products and expect deliveries on Monday, April 8, 2024, please rescheduled for before or after the event weekend to lessen or eliminate the potential hazard coming through our city (town, community). We anticipate high volumes of traffic with the influx of visitors resulting in congestion issues. If you are a pharmacy or doctor’s office encourage prescriptions to be filled before or after eclipse Monday to avoid higher than normal traffic and parking availability. If you are an appointment-based business such as a salon, spa, investment firm, etc. consider avoiding Eclipse Monday, as cancellations may come closer to the event. Avoid making appointments or scheduling meetings on April 8, 2024, as most if not all will be cancelled leading up to the date due to enthusiasm for the event or potential traffic congestion. Whether you are an industry or small business pay particular attention to scheduled deliveries of supplies or shipments of products on eclipse day. Schedule before or after the event to eliminate delays or missed appointments. Making this a “Once in a Lifetime” Experience for all Consider entertainment to attract patrons during the weekend leading up to the event. If you have something special planned, submit the information HERE and we will include you on the "Events" page. Create food specials, drink specials to attract eclipse customers increasing your sales. Make signage on your property eclipse friendly such as “Welcome Eclipse Visitors” Parking availability- allow additional parking for eclipse guests or make sure you have signage designating for employees only. Provide trash receptacles to eliminate potential littering around your business. If possible, assist, sponsor, or volunteer for your city’s effort to provide fun and educational activities in our community leading up to the eclipse event.
  • I have a space to rent to visitors. How do I advertise that?
    We will be happy to list your rental on our Lodging page. Just fill out the form HERE.
  • How can I volunteer to help with events planned for the weekend and on Eclipse day?
    We are planning a community festival in the downtown area and will have several other needs for volunteers throughout the weekend and on Eclipse Day. Individuals, groups, and organizations are encouraged to sign up as volunteers. Submit our form HERE.
  • Why would people come to Gatesville to see this?
    While the total eclipse will be visible along a wide path, spanning from Austin to the Dallas area, Gatesville is on the centerline of that path. This means that we will have 4 minutes and 32 seconds of "totality", while those to the north and south of us will experience a much shorter duration. Those who travel to experience an eclipse will want to be along the centerline.
  • I've seen an eclipse before. What is the big deal about this eclipse?
    This will be a TOTAL eclipse. That means that the moon will come between the sun and the earth in the middle of the day, blocking the sun's light for those who are in the "Path of Totality". There was a total eclipse visible in portions of the United States in 2017. Before that, the last eclipse visible in the United States was in 1979. The next one won't occur until 2044. You can learn more about total eclipses at
  • How many people do we expect to come to Gatesville for the eclipse?
    We don't really know, but based on towns similar in size to Gatesville who were in the path of totality in 2017, we anticipate that there will be several thousand visitors here throughout the weekend, with more driving in on the Monday of the eclipse.

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